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Beautiful white smiles

Teeth Whitening Services

Enhance your smile and boost your confidence with our comprehensive range of teeth whitening services. Whether you're looking for a significant transformation or a quick uplift, we have tailored options to fit your needs. Discover the route to a brighter, more radiant smile today! 
Initial Teeth Whitening

Transform your smile with our initial whitening session. This comprehensive service includes three 20-minute treatments designed to tackle and eliminate persistent stains, unveiling a noticeably brighter smile. It's your first step towards a radiant new you.


Teeth Whitening Maintenance

Preserve the brilliance of your smile with our maintenance sessions. Two 20-minute treatments help ensure your teeth remain vibrant and white, perfect for sustaining the results of your initial whitening.


Quick Whitening Touch-Up

Need a fast solution for a special occasion? Our quick touch-up service provides a 20-minute whitening session ideal for those looking for an immediate enhancement. Achieve a brighter smile in a snap and make a memorable impact at any event.


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Join the Smile Club

Maximize your smile's potential with our Smile Club memberships. Choose between quarterly or monthly plans to maintain your perfect white smile without breaking the bank.
Quarterly Membership

Includes an initial whitening session followed by three quarterly maintenance sessions, ensuring your smile stays bright throughout the year.


Monthly Membership

Ideal for those who frequently enjoy coffee, wine, or cigarettes. This monthly touch-up service keeps your smile dazzling all year long.


At Lightning VIP, we're committed to helping you achieve and maintain a smile that lights up the room. Book your appointment today and step into a brighter, more confident you!
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