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IV Hydration


Discover the transformative power of IV hydration and NutriShots at Lightning VIP, where wellness meets innovation. Our tailored treatments are designed to rejuvenate, energize, and enhance your well-being from within. 



Experience the ultimate vitality boost with NAD+ IV Hydration! This cutting-edge therapy replenishes your body's essential coenzyme levels, igniting a surge of energy and revitalization from within. Say hello to sharper focus, enhanced cognitive function, and renewed vitality as NAD+ IV Hydration unlocks your body's full potential. Whether you're seeking peak performance, combating fatigue, or simply aiming to feel your best, NAD+ IV Hydration is your secret weapon for optimal well-being. Unlock the power within and embrace life at its fullest with NAD+ IV Hydration!

Mountain Running

2-4 Hour:  $450

4+ Hours: $800



Vitamin B12 Shot - Detox & Energy

Vitamin B Complex - Mood & Energy Boost

Vitamin D Shot - Immune & Mood Boost

MIC + B12 - Fat Burning

Glutathione - Skin Glow

Vitamin C - Immune Boost

Amino Acid Blend - Energy & Recovery

Happy Couple

Prices Vary

Don’t wait for wellness to find you; seize it today with our tailored treatments.
Unlock the power of wellness with Lightning VIP’s IV Hydration and Nutrishots. Book your appointment now and experience the transformation for yourself!
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